Our method

We enhance people with neuro-data driven and digital innovation through the application of a broad and unique spectrum of services.


Business training and management consulting for adaptation and innovation processes.

We have a Corporate Academy that we make available to the client company to accelerate the processes of adaptation to market changes. We enhance innovation processes by constructing and implementing dedicated workshops, seminars and laboratories on the application of neuroscience according to the required needs.

In managerial consulting we follow an original coaching model to transfer know-how in innovation processes in the field of neuroscience and product design, to enhance the distinctive elements and favor the success of communication and marketing strategies.

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Design and creation of innovative and digital products.

We design and develop innovative solutions in the form of virtual experiences, applications and digital platforms whose goal is validated by neuroscientific analysis methods.

We become the allies of the client company in the study and design phase thanks to our neuro-driven approach, to ensure the effectiveness and achievement of the objectives set in areas of strategic importance for the company.

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