Our offer

Our distinct B2C and B2B business opportunities are aimed at large organizations leaders in a wide range of industries and sectors, with a concentration to the following areas

Human Resources

Developing the individual by exploring the human potential.

We design and develop innovative, validated digital solutions using neuroscientific models to understand the individual and organizational profiles associated with high levels of satisfaction and performance.

We use predictive modeling that allows to optimize the organizational context and measure the impact of recruiting and human resources management strategies by identifying specific behavioral KPIs.

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Satisfying the consumer by encoding the underlying, hidden needs

We measure the decision-making processes of prospect users and consumers against marketing and branding strategies using state-of-the-art technologies in cognitive and social neuroscience.

We explore non-verbal and physiological responses to various sensory stimuli through neurological and neurophysiological data in terms of visual-spatial attention, memory, and emotion-elicitation, optimizing the realization of marketing, commercial and corporate identity strategies.

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Training and Development

Improving the learning process by optimizing the individual preferences.

We design personalized training and learning activities, based on the individual cognitive profiles, to increase neural efficiency, make training less tiring and more effective.

We characterize the skills for managerial and executive positions according to personological models and favor the tailoring of digital training courses dependently on the individual cognitive learning style.

We create and shape training strategies designed according to neuroscientific models, with the support of innovative digital solutions to improve the effective communication of the learning objects.

#profiling #learning styles #cognitive traits #e-learning #training KPIs #gamification
#e-learning #virtual reality

Cognitive Ergonomics

Securing an appropriate systems interaction between the environment and cognitive profiles.

We design and build profiling models to understand the dimensions associated with the individual behavior during the interaction with work environments, computers, and machines; we implement strategies that reduce the cognitive workload and avoid possible job burnout.

We optimize interfaces and define supporting strategies by applying neuroscience techniques that make data information processing more efficient. We measure visual attention and its related cognitive workload and support processes aimed at visual data exploration that facilitate decision making and recall.

#cognitive load #user experience #experience design #technostress #eye tracker #EEG #skin conductance #heart rate variability #fNIRS

Intervention flow

  • Needs analysis

  • Project Design

    (steps, times, costs etc.)
  • Two kind of operation

    (usually combined), from training to consulting for potential services in the business areas identified in need
  • Presence of experts

    for the entire duration of the operation
  • Risk Analysis

    and potential pros and cons
  • Identifications

    from solutions to risks
  • Evaluation and return

    intellectual and practical on the operation

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